The Great Kombucha

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Hello everyone. Welcome to the FUEL and FLAME blog – One of our online information spaces! As promised to some of you,  I am doing a series on fermented food and drinks. We will start off with one of my most favorite drinks Kombucha (pronounced Kom-BOO-cha). I recently did a class on this at the East End co-op. Incidentally, the class was held on the very same day stores were pulling all Kombucha off the shelves for re-labeling. Did I say something wrong? More on that later…

Kombucha What?

What the heck is Kombucha you ask and why should you care? Kombucha for those who do not know is a fermented tea. It is an ancient traditional fermented beverage used in many cultures to promote well-being. Here at LifeFuel Health Coaching we use kombucha quite a bit and recommend it to many of our clients. Adding this mighty drink to your daily nutrition and balanced life routine will reap many healthy benefits!

Claims have been made that it can create clear minds, provide surging energy, healthy hair, nails, a healthy gut for better digestion and nutrient absorption (all of which I can claim personally). In addition, it is also said to enhance the immune system, help to relieve acid reflux and stomach cramps by acting as a gentle laxative–helping to avoid constipation. Most important, it helps to detoxify the body by providing the liver essential glucuronic acid. When toxins enter the liver this acid binds them to it and flushes them out through the kidneys. Once bound by this acid, toxins cannot escape. Although there are numerous important acids produced by our scoby friend, glucuronic acid is one of its more significant components. As a detoxifying agent it helps the body cope with pollution from all the plastics, petroleum products etc. that assault us on a day to day basis. So why not put up your feet and drink up?

Kombucha Wars?

Well the story about kombucha being pulled from the shelves continues with news. I had found out from one my sources in Maryland that smaller stores were still stocking it. It was a choice to take it off the shelves. Here in PA the smaller stores such as Eden’s in Mt Lebanon could not obtain it from their distributor. The distributors here apparently have chosen not to distribute until the labeling issue is resolved. I just recently found out that a mega conglomerate precipitated the event. The word is they had invested in two Kombucha companies for their own label and wanted to push others such as GT out. GT (the company that it is) volunteered to pull theirs for re-labeling.

The good news is that some Kombucha is back on the shelves in Eden’s Market in Mt Lebanon. Eden’s Market is located at 99 Alfred St. Mt. Lebanon 15228. 412-343-1802. Say hello to owners Jeff and Suzanne for me! They only have the High Country. GT’s has only been released in California. The High Country Ginger and Original tasted weaker and watery to me in this shipment. I tried calling them to ask about this new formula but did not receive a call back.

Gladly many of you are out there successfully brewing. I still have scobys if anyone out there wants to begin brewing. Contact me at

ANTS! Yuck!

Recently I brewed a large batch of Kombucha. Frequently I will use multiple scobys for brewing. Well somehow the baby swelled to the top of the paper towel wetting it with sweet tea. As I was checking my brew I find that a small group of ants found there way from the outside and were crawling on top of the paper towel. Pretty gross right? Well fortunately none found there way into the drink. Needless to say I was able halt the ants attempts to hijack my brew. How healthy they may have become if allowed to continue. Imagine: SUPER ants!

Next time we will discuss the benefits of fermented vegetables. Don’t miss my complimentary class on “Fabulous Fermentation” at East End Food Co-op August 26th at 7pm. 412 242 3598 to reserve your seat. Thanks for visiting!

Thanks for reading and check back often for the next posts!

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Welcome to the LifeFuel Health Coaching Blog Kombucha Part Deux

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